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Magigen CRISPR Cas14a1 protein 1000p Price-Asia-Europe-Austalia-USA
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● Product Name: Magigen Magigen CRISPR/Cas14a1 protein 1000p

● Catalog#: C015M

● Size: 1000 pmol

● CRISPR/Cas14a Price: 715 USD

● Contents

Composition                         Vol

CRISPR Cas14a1                   100 μl (10 μM)

10×Reaction Buffer 3           1ml×3

● Advantages and Features

Magigen Cas14a1 nuclease is an endonuclease that specifically binds and cleaves target ssDNA without PAM sites under the guidance of tracrRNA and crRNA (or sgRNA alone). Compared with other CRISPR Cas proteins, the molecular weight of Cas14a protein is generally smaller (400-700AA). Similar to CRISPR Cas12, Cas14a1 can also bind target nucleic acids and activate its ssDNA trans cleavage activity, thus being applied to the rapid molecular detection of target nucleic acids. Unlike Cas12, CRISPR Cas14a1 can only bind to ssDNA targets; consequently, the amplified enriched target nucleic acids must be treated with T7 exonuclease and one of the amplification primers must be modified with phosphothioacylation to ensure that T7 exonuclease only cuts one of the chains, leaving ssDNA target chains for Cas14a-mediated molecular detection.

● Storage Conditions and Shelf Life

liquid, stored at -20 ℃ for 12 months

● Application

Used to develop POCT test products based on CRISPR technology platform.

● Applicable instruments

If fluorescence method is used, microplate reader, such as BioTek synergy, is recommended. Other quantitative PCR machines with FAM fluorescence channels can also be used.

● Recommended Magigen CRISPR-Cas14a Reaction System

Composition                           Vol

10× Reaction Buffer 3             1×

Cas14a1                                   100- 300 nM

tracrRNA                                  500 nM

crRNA                                      500 nM

ssDNA fluorescent probe        100-200 nM

T7 exonuclease*                       5U*

Target ssDNA                           50 nM

H2O                                         Up to 20 μL

Mix the system on ice before reaction.

The fluorescence qPCR instrument or fluorescence microplate reader is used for detection.

The reaction temperature is 37 ℃, and the fluorescence value is read every 1min for 30 min ~ 1H.

*If the detection target is dsDNA amplified with mediated primers, T7 exonuclease must be added to make it ssDNA; If the detection target is ssDNA, T7 exonuclease does not need to be added.

● Caution

1. This product is only for scientific research. Please read this manual carefully before use.

2. Please operate the experiment in strict accordance with the management specifications of the gene amplification laboratory, and pay attention to prevent the contamination of amplification products.

3. After the experiment, the waste generated in the detection process shall be treated according to the relevant specifications.

● Note

Magigen crispr cas14a is a qualified cas protein with good price. The crispr cas14a price is subject to change without prior notice due to currency fluctuation.

All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only and shall not form part of any offer, contract.

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CRISPR Cas14a1
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Store at -20°C
For Research Use Only. Not for diagnostic procedures.
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