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Magigen UDG Enzyme 100U-price-uracil-dna glycosylase in pcr-USA-Auatralia-Germany-Korea
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    Magigen UDG Enzyme (Thermogenic) 100U

    Uracil-DNA Glycosylase (UDG) catalyses the release of free uracil from uracil-containing DNA. UDG efficiently hydrolyzes uracil from single-stranded or double-stranded DNA, but not from oligomers.

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    Thermogenic UDG enzyme (uracil-DNA glycosylase) is screened and extracted and purified from lab-grown bacteria and, similar to UNG from E. coli, it hydrolyzes uracil-glycoside bonds in single or double stranded DNA, excises uracil, and produces alkali-sensitive, non-base sites in DNA. These baseless sites can be hydrolyzed by nucleic acid endonuclease, heating, or alkali treatment, and unlike UNG from E. coli, the enzyme exhibits low thermal stability and is therefore more likely to inactivate it. Depending on how the DNA is prepared, UDG enzymes can be used to achieve common site-specific or strand-specific U-DNA cleavage.

  • Unit Definition

    One unit is defined as the amount of uracil-DNA glycosylase required to fully degrade 1 μg of purified single-stranded uracil-DNA (M13) within 60 minutes at 37°C.【Product Features】

    U-DNA sites on single- and double-stranded DNA can be hydrolyzed, uracil glycoside bonds can be excised and alkali-sensitive base-free sites can be produced in DNA.

    ♦ It is active for both single- and double-stranded DNA.

    ♦ Inactive for RNA and DNA that is naturally free of uracil.

    ♦ There are no requirements for metal ions and are fully active in the presence of EDTA. However, residual activity in systems exceeding 100mM K+ or Na+ is approximately 70% of the original activity and increased use is required.

    ♦ The optimal reaction temperature is 37 ° C, but it has better activity in a wide range of 20-50 ° C, and 95 ° C can be completely inactivated at 2 minutes.

    ♦ The recommended amount of use in PCR is 0.2U-1U/25μl, and the recommended amount of use in one-step RT-qPCR and 55-65°C is not more than 0.2U/25 μl, and this product cannot be used in constant temperature amplification below 50°C (e.g., RPA, RDA, RAA, etc.).

  • Storage Conditions and Expiration

    Sealed at-20℃

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UDG Enzyme (Thermogenic)
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