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Magigen -RNase Inhibitor(M)100
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RNase Inhibitors

Product Name: MagicScript RNase Inhibitor (M)

Catalog#: A002S

Size: 100μl

RNase Inhibitores Price: 46USD


Composition                           Vol

RNase Inhibitores               100 μl

Advantages and Features

Magigen RNase inhibitors are mouse-source recombinant proteins that can specifically inhibit RNase A, B, and C activity.

It inhibits RNases by binding noncovalently in a 1:1 ratio with high affinity. It is not effective against RNase 1, RNase T1, S1 Nuclease, RNase H or RNase from Aspergillus.

RNase inhibitors are used as a precautionary measure in enzymatic manipulations of RNA to inhibit and control for the contaminants.

Magicscript RNase Inhibitor is a soluble mouse-source recombinant protein expressed in E.coli.   

The activity of polymerase, such as Taq DNA polymerase and AMV / M-MLV reverse transcriptase, would not be affected when mixed. Compared with the human-source RNase inhibitor, the Magigen murine RNase Inhibitor has a higher antioxidant activity and is more suitable for high-DTT-sensitive experiments (i.e. qPCR).

RNase Inhibitore Kit Application

1. Suitable for cDNA synthesis and RT-PCR

2. In vitro transcription / translation

3. Enzyme catalyzed RNA labeling reaction

4. Other applications where the integrity of RNA is important

Storage Conditions and Shelf Life

Sealed and stored at -20 ℃,   12 months.

Unit Definition

One unit is defined as the amount of Murine RNase Inhibitor required to inhibit the activity of 5 ng of RNase A by 50%.


Magigen RNase Inhibitor is a qualified reagent kit with good price.

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Magicscript-RNase Inhibitor(M)
Magicscript-RNase Inhibitor(M)is a soluble mouse-source recombinant protein expressed in E.coli. It can inhibit RNase A, B, and C. The activity of polymerase, such as Taq DNA polymerase and AMV / M-
Unit Size
Storage Conditions
Store at -20°C
For Research Use Only. Not for diagnostic procedures.
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